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What is iTunes(Radio)Scrobbler?
iTunesRadioScrobbler scrobbles the tracks played on an iTunes radio stream (internet radio) to
iTunesScrobbler scrobbles everything from your iTunes (library + radio) to

- Supports iTunes on Mac OS X (Windows support isn't planned yet).
- Sends notifications to Growl (if available).
- Is very easy to use (you only have to start it).
- Is freeware.
- Has no user interface (GUI).
- Stays completely in the background.

Technical features:
- Is written in AppleScript and Perl (source code is included).
- Uses the new scrobbling API 2.0.
- Allows to configure a http proxy (if required).
- Multiple simultaneous instances are possible.
- Journaling and logging allows control. 

The challenge:
If a radio stream is playing and the streamer provides artist and track name then that information will be scrobbled. Artist and track are required fields for scrobbling. The assumption is that streamers who do provide track information do so in the form "artist - track" (with " - " as separator), which is de facto standard. Some streamers provide something else. The challenge is to filter this stuff out ...

De facto standard data (scrobbles):
- The Who - One Life's EnoughRock
- Led Zeppelin - Heartbreaker
- Billy Idol - Eyes Without A Face

Non standard data (still scrobbles):
- ANGUS & JULIA STONE - big jet plane - NEXT : PLACEBO - special K
- GREEN DAY - 21 guns - NEXT : ROBERT FRANCIS - keep on running
- The Beatles - Blackbird - Remastered

Non standard data (doesn't scrobble):
- some-house-mix-script
- John Powell-Going to Cape Horn? Take A Jacket-Knight And Day

Non standard data (scrobbles with illogical artist and/or track; maybe removed by
- Le Quatuor Talich - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Quintette à cordes en ut majeur K.515 - Andante
- - MOON PARTY CRUISE - Book your spot now!

- Download iTunesScrobbler 0.6.0:
- Download iTunesRadioScrobbler 0.6.0:
- Store the file in a folder of your choice (recommended installation folder: iTunes Scrobbler or iTunes Radio Scrobbler).

- Just start "iTunesRadioScrobbler" or "iTunesScrobbler".
- After first start: It's necessary to allow iTunes(Radio)Scrobbler access to your user profile.

- iTunes(Radio)Scrobbler has (typically) no own user interface elements and runs silent in the background.
- Only after its first start (or in case of a missing configuration) a configuration dialog pops up.
- User informations (eg. "Track scrobbled ...") are send to Growl (can be configured / disabled via Growl preferences).
- If you want to stop iTunes(Radio)Scrobbler, open the "Activity Monitor" and terminate / quit the process "iTunesRadioScrobbler". 
- iTunes(Radio)Scrobbler creates three files in its installation folder:

  1. iTunesRadioScrobbler.jrn: a compact journal with all your scrobbles; purpose: you have control what was / is going on
  2. iTunesRadioScrobbler.log: a detailled log concerning the last communication with; purpose: maybe helpful in case of communication problems
  3. iTunesRadioScrobbler.cfg: config file with your (session key) and communication (e.g. http proxy) settings; journaling and logging is configured there too; purpose: configuration with you individual settings

Room for improvements:
- filter for unwanted scrobbles (e.g. commercials)
- configuration for the "artist-track" schema (e.g. "artist - album - track")
- ...

Enjoy iTunes radio (scrobbling) ...